At Age 23...

Caryn Lee Carter picked up her first guitar and began penning her own songs, armed with nothing but an affinity for music and a few stories on her heart to tell. Just a few short years later, she's written her life down in hundreds of songs, played shows all across the Southeast, and is proud to announce the release of her first music video for her debut single "White Trash Without the Trailer" along with her new self-titled EP

For anyone who pines for the days when Taylor Swift still sang country, Atlanta may have a native answer [in Caryn Lee Carter].
— Jezebel Magazine

A native of Cartersville, Georgia, Caryn grew up on gospel hymns and mountain music that she learned on her grandmother's swing during Georgia summers. The songbird sheds new light on what it means to grow up in (and out of) a Southern town, drawing inspiration from the emotional stems of young heartbreak, old battle scars and new love.

Caryn's folksy harmonies, blended with upbeat country pop tempos and cheeky lyrics, make for a unique sound that winds somewhere down the road between Miranda Lambert's front door and Loretta Lynn's backyard, which is just where she likes it.


Recently Caryn has signed on with Go Long Entertainment, working with an incredible team of award-winning songwriters, producers, and industry experts including songwriter and former Arista Records artist Sherrie Austin, music industry veteran Jeff Davis, and producer and songwriter Will Rambeaux (of Faith Hill's "Wild One" fame, amongst other #1 hits).

Caryn’s self-titled EP is available now on all major digital distribution platforms.